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What I Bring 

Strong Project Management Skills

I am experienced at prioritizing and managing tasks efficiently, ensuring that design decisions align with business objectives and user needs. I have a deep understanding of the importance of clear communication, efficient planning, problem solving, and strong leadership in delivering successful products.

Empathy and Adaptability

My love of exploring different cultures and languages, combined with my academic background in International Studies and extensive travel experience, has helped me develop a strong ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, be empathetic and adaptable, and effectively communicate. This has made it easier for me to put myself in the user’s shoes and design inclusive, intuitive products. 

Supportive, Reliable, and Creative Problem Solver

I am a problem solver who always promotes process improvement tools to resolve any performance barriers and maximize the team's productivity. I thrive working with diverse, creative teams where everyone's feedback is valued and any conflicts are resolved promptly to ensure the team's working in unison to achieve goals. 

Driven and Growth-Oriented

As a UX/UI designer, I am dedicated to  creating designs that effectively balance user needs, business objectives, aesthetics, and functionality. Through reading, listening to podcasts, and creating, I continuously work on enhancing my knowledge and skills by staying up-to-date with UX/UI design trends, accessibility guidelines, techniques, and tools.

My Creative Evolution

As a former project manager, I spent years leading projects from concept to launch, collaborating closely with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to ensure successful completion. I managed the design and development process of projects including creative campaigns, website launches, and content shoot productions for hospitality, real estate, F&B, entertainment, and lifestyle industry clients. Despite being recognized for my contributions, I felt a strong inner desire for a more profound problem-solving and creative outlet. I wanted to directly contribute to the creation of work that was touching people’s lives. My sense of fulfillment is rooted in seeing my work directly, positively impacting end users. 


I was eager to find a way to incorporate the leadership, problem-solving, and organizational skills I had developed into a more creative role. As a result, I found myself drawn to the field of UX/UI design as it was the perfect combination of my project management expertise, problem solving approach, creativity, and empathetic nature.

This led me to pursue a year-long UX/UI design program and complete several projects, including a recent website redesign for a fitness company. My UX/UI design education, coupled with my experience as a project manager for creative digital media agencies and entertainment firms, has allowed me to develop a strong understanding of UX/UI principles, design thinking skills, and research skills. As a UX/UI designer with a data-driven, human-centered approach, my goal is to create designs that address real-world problems and simplify people's lives.

When I'm not designing, I enjoy practicing yoga, hiking, reading, exploring new places, trying different cuisines, and photographing life as I see it. 


Springboard UI/UX Design Track, Certification

700+ hour intensive course in UI/UX methodologies and technologies

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies: Culture in the Age of Globalization


UX/UI Design

UX Research & Interviewing

Data Analysis


Persona Creation



Empathy & Affinity Mapping 

Project Coordination & Management 

Issue Analysis & Resolution

A/B Testing


Figma · Sketch · Miro · Canva

· Teamwork · Basecamp · ClickUp · InVision · Adobe XD ·  Procreate · Jira · Google Analytics · Google Ad Manager · Google Forms · Quickbooks · Gracenote 

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